The flagship activities of the ZAMEA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025 are key activities and initiatives which have been identified as key to implementing the objectives in the plan. These include the following programs:

  1. ZaMEA M&ETalk: The objective of this activity is to promote discussions/dissemination of M&E reports or issues that affect members. Members will participate in identifying topics that will be submitted to the board for review and approval. A calendar will be developed and shared with members of all the approved topics. This will be done in collaboration with other stakeholders such as Universities.
  2. ZaMEA Upskilling: The objective of this activity is to promote capacity building activities for members. This will use both a training approach that will be conducted in conjunction with learning institutions and the seminar/meeting approach which is short. The board will identify capacity needs every year through the competency survey and feedback from general members on their capacity needs. An annual calendar will be developed which will be conducted once a year will identify capacity needs
  3. ZaMEA Competency Survey: This will be an annual survey conducted by ZaMEA. The objective of this survey will be to collect and document the capacity needs of the industry for sharing with training institutions and for informing ZaMEA Upskilling activities.
  4. ZaMEA Internship & Mentorship Program: The objective of this program is to provide mentorship and internship opportunities to upcoming M&E practitioners to become competent, experienced and well-networked professionals to contribute to development at national, regional and international levels. This will be an annual program that will target the upcoming M&E practitioners.
  5. Evaluation Week: The gLOCAL Evaluation week is an initiative of the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR-AA) which aims contribute to M&E awareness raising and knowledge sharing efforts globally. It was borne out of the realization that two forces are shaping today’s evaluation landscape where global knowledge shapes local evaluation practices and local experiences influences global evaluation thinking. It is a designated week of evaluation knowledge sharing and networking.
  6. ZaMEA Barometer: The ZaMEA Barometer is an assessment tool that is used to help individual and corporate members to assess their competency levels in M&E and for corporate members to assess the functionality of their M&E systems. The Barometer results are key in designing capacity building interventions.

M&E Briefs: This will be used as a communication tool for development to highlight the key findings of different M&E reports to key stakeholders