The Leaders’ Perspectives is a platform that features insights from heads of organizations within the Monitoring and Evaluation network on the value of Monitoring and Evaluation in program, policy design and addressing implementation challenges in their organizations, and ideas to institutionalize Monitoring and Evaluation. Heads of organizations will share opinions, ideas and thoughts and help direct the M&E agenda.

Victor is an M&E professional with expertise in developing monitoring, evaluation systems, coordinating research teams for education and health projects.   He is an Innovative and visionary leader with demonstrable experience in developing, operationalizing and managing Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems including managing, reporting, budgets and administration.

Given that poverty is a persistent issue in Zambia, M&E remains important in informing poverty reduction strategies. We need to ensure that we have strong M&E systems at all levels to help leaders make  accurate decisions that will help move the majority of Zambians out of poverty