ZaMEA Secretary General yesterday received 65 new members who graduated from a 3 months Practical Training in Project Management, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation conducted by IMPACT Research yesterday.

IMPACT Research is a consultancy firm specialized in M&E systems design, capacity building in M&E, Research, Data Collection tools, project management and evaluation.

IMPACT Research is ZaMEA corporate member and is a CBU Research, M&E training partner.

ZaMEA is happy with the contribution IMPACT is making to the development of M&E profession in the country through the various M&E skills training programs they are conducting.

The courses they run are very practical and industry skills demand driven. It is the hands-on skills that research, M&E professionals need in the 21st century to be relevant and effective in this field.

To our new members you are welcome to ZaMEA and to the group. We share ideas and opportunities on this platform.

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